Craig Hook

Site Logistics
I am bowled over by the amazing people that we have here and the support. I also love the support from the local community too – especially the cakes.

What is your job title and role normally?
I run a Lifting Solutions team of 11 people. We manage all the lifting operations for projects including tower cranes, hoists and all of the associated safety and mandatory training that goes with it.

What is your specific role for J3 on the Nightingale Hospital?
I have been acting as the Chief Engineer, so making sure that the position of the building, foundations and drainage are all in the right place. I have a great team helping me too.

What is your typical working day like at the moment?
Busy, lots of different operations to be managed whether that’s supervising the drainage and the testing and liaison with building control. Sorting out the welfare village for the doctors and nurses and making sure that all the trenching is done for the cabling and pipework. I am also doing my normal day job too – planning the lifting operations!

How has life changed for you over the last couple of weeks?
I’m the odd one out, because I feel like I’ve come out of isolation! Usually I work from an office with just me in it, but now I am helping very practically on site with 170 people. So, it is the opposite of isolation for me; but trying to do all that safely.

Is there anything that you have learnt from this specific experience that you think is going to change the way you work in the future?
I’ve learned that Jersey’s construction industry can rise to the challenge of such an important project. The speed, quality and attitude of the island’s skill base is great to see. It has been a revelation to see the way the whole industry has rallied, and if there’s one thing I want to take forward it is the spirit of co-operation and mutual respect we’ve built up in such a short space of time working together.

What is the most impressive aspect of the Nightingale Hospital for you?
It has been the teamwork. It is stunning. I am bowled over by the amazing people that we have here and the support. I also love the support from the local community too – especially the cakes!

Outside of work, what aspect of life on Jersey are you missing the most in the current lockdown?
I’m missing going out with my family and interacting with friends in church, things like that. Initially it was so different doing everything electronically and being separated. It’s that real human interaction with non-work friends that I miss.

If you had a magic bubble that meant that for one day you had the freedom to go anywhere and do anything on Jersey with one person, what would you do and who would you take?
Well, if you are paying, I’ve been told to try an amazing restaurant called Green Island. I recently married Wendy, and I would love to take her out for dinner there as a thank you for keeping me going on the very, very long, 14 hour days. She’s keeping everything going for me, it’s wonderful.