Eoin Brennan

Quantity Surveyor
I can’t think of one occasion where the tension and long hours have spilt over into any bad feeling. That’s really impressive to me.

What’s your job title?

Quantity Surveyor.

What project would you have been on under normal circumstances?

I was in between projects, I had been working on the Finance Centre and I am due to go back to La Moye for a new Gatehouse project next.

What is your typical working day like at the moment?

It’s become more complicated as my son Conor has a fever, and so I am isolating at home. I start around 8am looking at the daily orders and sending them out to the team. I am almost a buyer for my role on the J3 Nightingale project. I am concentrating on material requisitions, things like that.

Trying to do that whilst you are at home, how is that working out for you?

Its not too bad. My son has got a lot of schoolwork to do. My wife Katy is pretty keen for him to keep up with that. My wife works for Jersey Electric Company, and is part of the COVID-19 planning, so she is busy non-stop too. I am doing what I am doing in my room, and she’s next door. It’s not too bad, we stop for lunch and try to keep Conor contented, some homework then review.

How has life changed for you over the past couple of weeks?

I personally feel very restricted, as I like to get out running about five times a week. I also love Fridays, it’s my time to relax with the lads. Eight or nine of us go and usually during the Six Nations I have a ‘free pass’ so I’ve really missed that. Thankfully we have a nice garden we can get out in. We have just moved to a new house so there is plenty to do to keep me occupied.

For you what has been the most impressive aspect of the Nightingale Hospital?

There are so many. I’ve worked with or known lots of the people, but I have never worked with some of them on projects before and you see them in a new light. Louise is normally in the office working for the directors but here she keeps everything running.  Marc Burton as well. Sometimes company directors and people can be stand offish, but Marc has been very hands on, very down to earth. He is very approachable and he will give you good advice.

We all know what we need to do and if there is something that hasn’t been done people are straight on it. It is a good atmosphere in there. I can’t think of one occasion where the tension and long hours have spilt over into any bad feeling. That’s really impressive.

What aspect of life on Jersey are you missing the most in the current lockdown?

The social aspect and getting out on the bike. Jersey is so beautiful at this time of year with all the leaves and flowers coming out, it is my favourite season.

If you could do anything for one day is there a special place or thing that you would like to do?

It would definitely be me, Katy and Conor going to Plémont or Grève de Lecq for the day. We were out that way a couple of weeks ago and last weekend with the dog. For me that’s Jersey summed up.

What is the first restaurant, bar or café you will go to when restrictions are lifted?

The Lamp Lighter. There is a fella that we work with who is 65 and he is self-isolating as he has got health problems. He has been stuck in on his own, he had his birthday on his own and I am sure it is really tough for him, so it will be good to get him out of the house and get him back to normal again.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

It has been a great experience for me. When I go back to normality just being a on a project on my own, I think I will probably be missing the whole team thing. I hope we can capture the ‘spirit of Nightingale’ and recreate something like it on future Jersey projects.