Gareth Bisson

Interior Fit Out Manager
Subcontractors who would normally be competitors are working side by side, mucking in together sharing ideas, sharing tools, sharing everything just getting on with it.

What is your job title?

Project Manager of the Summerland development for Andium Homes.

What has your role been for J3 on the Nightingale hospital?

I’m managing the interior fitting out works, sorting out all of the internal finishes from the moment the structure was up. We’ve done all the vinyl flooring and partitions, and we’ve been working with the mechanical and electrical teams doing anything that they want help with. Anything to get the job finished in time.

What is your typical working day like?

Long. First thing I have to remind myself of where we’ve got to, things move so fast. Then I make sure the teams are set up, and that they’ve got a plan for the day. I try to structure the day but as the day progresses you get pulled from left, right and centre by all the different trades. But we know what we are doing and we keep moving in the right direction.

How has life changed for you over the last couple of weeks?

I feel very lucky to be working and getting out of the house. We started working 24 hours a day in shifts. I was doing 13-14 hour night shifts then going home, so my wife was waking up when I was going to bed. I was having a couple of hours before going to work again. I have switched to the day shift and it is very much the same. I’m doing 12-13 hour shifts from 7:30am to 7:30pm. It’s chaotic but also good fun to be honest. The sense of urgency and camaraderie is great.

Is there anything from his experience that you have learnt that you will apply to normal project working after this has been done?

The can-do attitude from everyone. This project has highlighted ways of doing things more quickly, especially various different companies working side by side which you don’t always get. The teamwork and cooperation from everybody is priceless, I wish we could bottle it.

What has been the most impressive aspect of the Nightingale for you?

Firstly, the pace of the project. I reckon we’re doing 18 months’ worth of work in a space of three weeks. But also the cooperation between everybody. Subcontractors who would normally be competitors are working side by side, mucking in together and sharing ideas, sharing tools, sharing everything and just getting on with it. It’s like a community project. Usually on projects there is someone who is going to moan, but you don’t get that on this one which is a nice change.

Aside from work what aspect of life are you missing most on Jersey in Lockdown?

My wife and I quite like to go out for nice dinner and a few drinks at the weekend, so we are struggling with that. But the plus side of it is that Jersey’s brilliant restaurants are doing takeaways which is great, but not so good on the waistline!

If you could do anything for a day on Jersey what would you do and who would you take with you?

A couple of options. I would go for a few drinks with my mates and hopefully watch Liverpool win the Premiership. Or go for dinner with my wife, we like to go to Pedro’s in St. Aubin’s or the Blacksmith Arms around the corner from where we live.