Louise Minier

Site Office Manager
I was using my cross trainer, getting out for walks and doing lots of yoga, then on Easter Saturday I got a call that yanked me away from it!

What is your normal role and job title?
I’m Marketing Manager and PA to the two CEOs and the Executive team at the Garenne Group.

What is your current role for J3 on the Nightingale Hospital?
My official title is site office manager, and this seems to involve doing all the bits nobody else wants to do! Anything that’s not to do with construction ends up on my desk, whether that is organising hot food or drinks for people, sorting out the printer and IT for the office, typing up the site register or dealing with the non-stop telephone calls, it’s just a little bit of all sorts of everything. I enjoy the variety and it’s great to be able to help.

What is a typical working day like at the moment?
I normally get in around 7am, print off drawings that have come in overnight, then sort out the site induction register. After that it’s just a mad blur of activity, some of it really important and some of it seemingly mundane but mainly dealing with the “do you have…” or “can you do…” questions. I try to leave site by about 6pm but can be dealing with questions and emails until 9pm.

How has life changed for you over the last couple of weeks?
I was quite enjoying being in my bubble at home for a few weeks in lockdown. It was lovely to have time to cook fresh, good healthy food and along with still working. I was using my ­cross trainer, getting out for walks and doing lots of yoga… then, on Easter Saturday I got the call that yanked me away from it! My normal working hours are around 38-40 hours a week, but last week I did 70 hours, and this week is going to be the same. I think things are calming down a little now that I have got a system in place, but the first three days over the Easter holidays were quite a challenge to get things organised on site.

Will you change the way you do things as a result of this experience?
I have worked with all of the J3 team and many of the site team before, but the intensity of this project has created a new level of trust amongst everyone. I think it has been great being that one person that knows a lot of people. Maintaining the relationships that I have got already and keeping in touch with everyone will be the one thing that I will keep doing.

What is the most impressive aspect of the Nightingale Hospital for you?
The speed that everything is being done. It is incredible how quick, from a blank site when I came down Easter Sunday to two weeks later, almost having a fully working building is just amazing.

On a personal level, what aspect of life on Jersey are you missing the most because of lockdown?
I am a little social butterfly normally so just going out meeting up with all my friends is the one thing I am really missing.

If you had a magic bubble that meant that you and another person could go and do anything that you wanted to do on Jersey just for one day, what would you do and who would you take with you?
I would take my best mate Sonia out for cocktails.

What restaurant, bar or café will be the first on your list after lockdown?
Wildfire, for their Pornstar Martinis!