Suzanne Wilson

Health & Safety
The build timeframe for the Nightingale Hospital has made it a particularly dynamic, and an enormously interesting project to be involved with.

What’s your job title?

I’m the Health and Safety Manager at Amalgamated Facilities Management, a Channel Island based facilities management and building services provider.

What is your role for J3 on the Nightingale Hospital?

I’m one of the team providing health and safety support during the build.

What is your typical working day like at the moment?

Very reactive. AFM self-deliver most of the mechanical electrical requirements of clients, together with having a sizeable cleaning division, so much of my time is spent providing health and safety support to the evolving needs of clients and ensuring compliance with government requirements. The build timeframe for the Nightingale Hospital has made it a particularly dynamic, and an enormously interesting project, to be involved with.

How has life changed for you over the past couple of weeks?

I’m working from home more, which has both advantages and disadvantages. I’ve spent part of the last couple of weekends down at the Nightingale Hospital providing health and safety cover for inductions and site monitoring. The topic of pretty much every conversation I have with anyone workwise (and often outside of work) is Covid-19.

Have you learned anything from this experience which you can benefit from in future?

On a personal level, I think it’s giving myself time to really appreciate the present – mindfulness – because you never quite know what the future might hold.

What is the most impressive aspect of the Nightingale Hospital?

How resourceful and committed a team of people can be when brought together to achieve something critical in such a short space of time.

What aspect of life on Jersey are you missing the most in the current lockdown?

Eating out. We have some fantastic restaurants that serve gorgeous food in beautiful settings, and they’re closed.

If you do anything on Jersey for one day, with one person what would it be and with whom?

I would book a staycation with my husband in one of our favourite hotels, sit on the balcony with a bottle of wine and watch the world go by – when lockdown is finished, of course.

Which restaurant / bar / café will be first on your list after lockdown?

That’s a tough one, but probably Samphire.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?  

The photo is of my husband and myself sitting outside another favourite restaurant – the Oyster Box in St Brelade’s Bay.